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Want a Job? Get a Community College Degree

The U.S. Department of Labor reported that in 2012 more jobs were created for workers with two-year degrees than for workers with bachelor’s degrees.

Anthony Carnevale of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce thinks this is not just good news for community college grads, but that it’s a sign of a recovering economy.

Carnevale also feels that this trend indicates an increased demand for skilled workers who can be trained quickly.

“Employment surges for community college grads,” USA Today 

Know the Score

Now it’s easier to get the facts about the real costs of college by using a new tool developed by the federal government.


The College Scorecard allows you to compare the cost of tuition at two- and four-year colleges and to see graduation rates, average student loan rates, and default rates.

The College Scorecard also allows you to narrow your search by location, degrees, occupations, and characteristics of the college.

It’s a fantastic source of information, but users should remember that no student is “average,” and many considerations such as admission requirements, financial aid, and program flexibility are important to factor into the equation. Don’t eliminate a college based on its Scorecard before you do more research!

Find the College Scorecard at  CollegeCost.ed.gov/Scorecard.

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