Message from the President

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Victoria College is committed to giving students a quality education and the opportunity to go far as they pursue their educational and career goals. VC is both the compass to point you in the right direction and the means to get you there.

To that end, we offer the 2+2 Plan whereby Victoria College students can earn an associate degree in two years and then seamlessly transfer to the nearby University of Houston-Victoria to earn a bachelor’s degree. VC students may also transfer to any other Texas university.

In this issue, you’ll meet Jonathan Sixtos, a student who graduated from VC and then transferred to Texas State University to earn his bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, Jonathan returned to Victoria and now teaches freshman English at Victoria East High School.

We are also mindful of those who didn’t finish high school but want to improve themselves. With Students Accelerating through Integrated Learning (SAIL), students can improve skills in preparation to take the GED while, at the same time, learning a trade such as nurse aide, truck driving, or welding. In this issue, you’ll hear from three SAIL students taking these courses.

Wherever you are in life, and whatever your goals are, Victoria College is here for you.

Drop by and pay us a visit. We can help.

Dr. Tom Butler


Victoria College

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