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Work Your Social Network Find a new job with a little help from your friends’ friends

by Esther Hurwitz If you’re looking for a job or even seeking a change in careers, you may be sitting at your computer scouring job sites like,, or to check company websites for employment

Helping Patients Breathe Easy: Respiratory therapists play an important role in healthcare

Although the general public is more familiar with doctors and nurses, anyone who has a serious hospital visit or surgery has probably had contact with a respiratory therapist at some point. These respiratory experts are important members

Not So Typical: Today’s college students break stereotypes

If you think that most college students are fresh out of high school, young, carefree, and living at a university, you’re way behind the times. Eighty-five percent of college students today don’t fit that mold. More often,

KEY Center Offers Tools for Student Success

by Eric Jensen The wooden sign above the door says “KEY Center,” but it’s really a home away from home for 152 Victoria College students. KEY stands for Knowledge, Exploration, and You, a fitting combination of the

Respiratory Care Program Inspires Student to ‘Want To Do More’

by Eric Jensen Victoria native Jim McCulloch gave college a try, worked in restaurants, and gave guitar lessons. He married and began a family but then realized he wanted to do something more with his life. He

Respiratory Care Students Support Community Through Club Membership

by Eric Jensen For Victoria College students in the Respiratory Care Program, education doesn’t stop when they leave the classroom. Ten years ago, students were motivated to do more to help the community. It was then that

Clinical Coordinator Emphasizes Patient Care to Students

by Eric Jensen Ceci Oldmixon describes herself to new Victoria College students as “the professor you will love to hate.” But she’s okay with that as long as her students do well by their patients. Oldmixon, Victoria

Program Chair Strives to Make Specialized and Complex Material Fun

by Eric Jensen At an early point in his life, Chris Kallus heeded the call of “Hey, orderly!” These days, and many years later, he hears the more refined greeting of “Good morning, professor.” Kallus serves as

VC Graduate Wins Job Over More Experienced Therapists

by Eric Jensen Tiffany Sherman Davila graduated from Victoria College’s Respiratory Care program in 2013, and her VC professors still speak of her with pride. Less than two months after graduation, Davila applied for a job as

News & Notes

VC receives award from Victoria ISD Victoria College was recently recognized by the Victoria ISD school board with a “You Make a Difference” award. VC was honored for being a partner in the education of VISD students

Work in a Workout: Yes, you too can find time to exercise

With the demands of a job as well as family, friends, and pets – not to mention laundry and grocery shopping – working in a workout can be hard. Ask anyone who is employed what his or

Facts & Finds

Vegging out at work  If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in a cubicle, chances are you have a finer appreciation for nature. It’s no joke! Studies show that people who work in windowless, drab places