Clinical Coordinator Emphasizes Patient Care to Students

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by Eric Jensen

Ceci Oldmixon describes herself to new Victoria College students as “the professor you will love to hate.”

But she’s okay with that as long as her students do well by their patients.

Oldmixon, Victoria College’s Clinical Coordinator for the Respiratory Care  Program, oversees all clinical education for students, arranges their clinical schedules, and teaches several courses. She also serves as liaison between the community and the program, “ensuring we meet community needs as well as what the accrediting board expects of us.”

A graduate of Victoria College, Oldmixon received a Respiratory Care certificate, then returned for the first Respiratory Care associate degree class. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Houston-Victoria and a master’s in distance education and adult learning from the University of Phoenix.

She returned to VC as clinical coordinator and instructor in January 2000.

Both Oldmixon and Chris Kallus, Program Chair and Professor, equip their students with up-to-date knowledge and skills to land that first job.

“There’s always that ‘you can prepare me in a lab with a mannequin all day long and do role playing and all is well.’ But until you get that first real patient who talks to you, engages with you, and responds to you, there is a whole lot of anxiety that goes along with that, but the students are very excited,” she said.

Oldmixon said clinicals are where students “take what they learned in the classroom, apply it, see it lived out, and figure out how they need to engage with that information. That’s the most powerful learning opportunities for students.”

In her off-campus life, Oldmixon enjoys cooking, knitting, and pottery as well as being active in her church and community.

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