VC Graduate Wins Job Over More Experienced Therapists

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by Eric Jensen

Tiffany Sherman Davila graduated from Victoria College’s Respiratory Care program in 2013, and her VC professors still speak of her with pride.

Less than two months after graduation, Davila applied for a job as a respiratory therapist at an Austin hospital. She soon found herself competing for the job with two experienced registered therapists.

“The hospital interviewers were impressed with Tiffany’s answers to the interview questions that other people could not answer,” said Chris Kallus, VC Respiratory Care Program Chair and Professor. “She was hired over and above other already practicing therapists.”

Davila, 28, works at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin as a team lead/relief charge, as well as an ER and Adult ICU therapist. She supervises a staff of 8-9 personnel a night and works to make sure the shift runs smoothly, “ensuring that staff members are providing exceptional care.”

“I’ve always been interested in healthcare in some shape, form, or fashion,” Davila said. When her son was born prematurely with respiratory complications and recurrent hospital stays, she was convinced to enter the respiratory care field.

“The respiratory therapist assigned to him not only provided exceptional healthcare to my son, but was also there to provide emotional support as I was a first-time mom living a great distance from my closest family member,” she recalled.

Tiffany graduated from Lee High School in Midland and moved to Victoria when her husband got a job transfer. She worked as a bank teller but decided she wanted something better in her life.

She discovered the Respiratory Care Program at Victoria College and immediately registered as a student.

“Tiffany is just one example of the many successful students who graduate from VC’s Respiratory Care Program,” Kallus said.

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