Busy PTA Student Loves Being Active with Her Patients

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by Eric Jensen

When Victoria College student Anna Catherine Adamek first entered the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, she thought of a job working with children. However, after discovering the many facets of PTA, she realized she likes everything the career field has to offer.

“I hope to work with children, but now that I’ve been more exposed to everything, I could work with anybody,” Adamek said. “I enjoy working with kids all the way up to the elderly. I love being active with my patients.”

The 23-year-old student had fun working with Special Olympics participants while in high school. Her aunt, a physical therapist, saw that enjoyment and suggested Adamek look into the physical therapy field. That’s when Adamek discovered her career path.

“It’s fun and interactive,” the second-year student said of the program. “I like being constantly busy and working with people, to help them live a normal life whenever things get taken away from them. I want to be able to get them back to a life where they can be functional again.”

Adamek’s favorite class is Management of Neurological Disorders because “it’s interesting to see how the brain works and to get stroke patients back to their prior functions,” she explained.

Classmates have become her best friends and a big part of her life.
“Once you get into this program, you are with each other all the time,” she said. “You become a big family.”

Adamek recommends the PTA Program to others, especially those who enjoy being active and want to be constantly busy.

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