Look Closer at Victoria College

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VC_quizHow much do you know about your community college?

Whether it’s quick job training or choosing a career, Victoria College is the Crossroads region’s go-to place for training and education in both credit and noncredit courses. Do you know how many counties VC serves or how many students take credit classes at VC? Test your knowledge now!

1 How much does one semester of full-time, in-county tuition cost at VC?
A. $1,992
B. $5,194
C. $7,172
D. $7,515

2 Approximately how many credit students enroll at VC each semester?
A. 4,000
B. 3,000
C. 2,500
D. 1,000

3 What’s the average yearly amount VC students receive in financial aid?
A. $1,632
B. $2,645
C. $3,000
D. $5,730

4 Approximately how many VC students enroll in noncredit Workforce & Continuing Education courses?
A. 1,000
B. 1,575
C. 2,219
D. 3,212

5 Approximately what percentage of VC students are under 25 years old?
A. 32 percent
B. 40 percent
C. 54 percent
D. 66 percent

6 How many counties does VC serve?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 8
D. 16

7 What is the student-to-teacher ratio at VC?
A. 18 to 1
B. 22 to 1
C. 30 to 1
D. 50 to 1

8 Which university do most VC students transfer to?
A. Texas State University
B. University of Houston-Victoria
C. Texas Tech University
D. Texas A&M

Answer Key

That’s $1,992 for a full-time 12 credit-hour semester at VC. Talk about a deal! Compare that to the University of Houston-Victoria, where you’ll pay $5,194 for 12 credit hours, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, where you’ll pay $7,172, or Texas State University, where tuition is $7,515 for one full-time semester.

VC typically has over 4,000 credit students each semester.

$5,730 is the average amount awarded for students who qualify for financial aid or scholarships. Financial aid can be a mixture of grants and scholarships (which don’t have to be paid back), student loans (which do need to be paid back), and work-study, which allows students to earn money while they’re in college.

VC had 2,219 Workforce & Continuing Education students in Spring 2014.

Sixty-six percent of VC students are between the ages of 17 to 24. The next largest group is the 31 percent of students who are ages 25 to 50.

Victoria College serves Victoria County and the surrounding counties of Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca, and Refugio.

Victoria College typically has an 18 to 1 student-to- teacher ratio. That translates to more individualized attention and a more successful learning outcome.

In Fall 2013, more VC students with 15 or greater credit hours transferred to the University of Houston-Victoria than any other university. Coming in second is Texas State University, with Texas A&M, University of Texas-Austin, and University of Texas-San Antonio regularly rounding out the top five.

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