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Dead-end Job Leads to New Medical Career Path

The end of a 10-year medical transcription job contract turned out to be good news for Kristin Bast. Through Internet searches, she learned of the high demand for certified medical coders and knew that was what she

Medical Coders are Part of the Healthcare Process from Start to Finish

If you relish working in a fast-paced environment, are good with numbers, and enjoy personal interactions, then the medical coding profession might be for you. Victoria College’s Medical Coding I course provides skills and knowledge in the

Busy PTA Student Loves Being Active with Her Patients

by Eric Jensen When Victoria College student Anna Catherine Adamek first entered the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, she thought of a job working with children. However, after discovering the many facets of PTA, she realized she likes

Physical Therapist Assistants in Demand, Particularly in Texas

by Eric Jensen Baby boomers are reaching retirement age and may need surgeries and other medical procedures as they age. This results in an increased need for physical therapist assistants in the Crossroads region. For the 16-18

Work in a Workout: Yes, you too can find time to exercise

With the demands of a job as well as family, friends, and pets – not to mention laundry and grocery shopping – working in a workout can be hard. Ask anyone who is employed what his or