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Transfer Pathway Helps Students Reach Business Career Goals

Victoria College students seeking a career in the business world can get a solid foundation by taking courses at VC. They can complete core courses before transferring to a four-year university to earn a bachelor’s degree in

EMS Students Can Become Life Savers in One Semester

Susie Jechow wants students from near and far to enroll in Victoria College’s Emergency Medical Services Program. That’s because VC students know they will get “more bang for their buck and will be better medics,” she said.

Medical Coders are Part of the Healthcare Process from Start to Finish

If you relish working in a fast-paced environment, are good with numbers, and enjoy personal interactions, then the medical coding profession might be for you. Victoria College’s Medical Coding I course provides skills and knowledge in the

Demand for Industrial Maintenance Mechanics Leads to New Program

Responding to national, state, and local needs, Victoria College is beginning a new Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Program this fall at VC’s new Emerging Technology Complex. Domingo Villarreal, VC’s Industrial Programs Director, said there is a need for

Students Discover Welding Can ‘Cover a Broad Scope’

by Eric Jensen Everything boils down to weld quality. That’s what students in Victoria College’s Welding Program must demonstrate during qualification testing. “We do mock weld tests for all of our processes and in all weld positions,”

Physical Therapist Assistants in Demand, Particularly in Texas

by Eric Jensen Baby boomers are reaching retirement age and may need surgeries and other medical procedures as they age. This results in an increased need for physical therapist assistants in the Crossroads region. For the 16-18

VC’s Criminal Justice Classes Offer Glimpse of Police Work

by Eric Jensen For those who possess a strong sense of duty, a clear head in urgent situations, and who enjoy working with the public, a career in law enforcement might be just the ticket. Victoria College

Networking Students are Future Help Desk, IT Partners

by Eric Jensen They’re Victoria College students now, but one day soon, you may find yourself picking up the phone and asking them for help when your computer goes ‘kaput.’ These students in the Personal Computer and

Helping Patients Breathe Easy: Respiratory therapists play an important role in healthcare

Although the general public is more familiar with doctors and nurses, anyone who has a serious hospital visit or surgery has probably had contact with a respiratory therapist at some point. These respiratory experts are important members

Respiratory Care Students Support Community Through Club Membership

by Eric Jensen For Victoria College students in the Respiratory Care Program, education doesn’t stop when they leave the classroom. Ten years ago, students were motivated to do more to help the community. It was then that

Is a Career in Public Service Right for You?

If you possess a strong sense of duty, have a clear head in urgent situations, and like working with the public, you may be well suited for a career in public service. Victoria College offers several associate

Firefighting Program Prepares Students to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

by Eric Jensen How many schools can boast of a 99 percent graduation rate? Kelly Phelps, Director of Victoria College’s Public Service Academies, said VC’s Fire Academy can. “The level of training we offer is outstanding,” Phelps

EMS Program can lead to rewarding career, good-paying jobs

by Eric Jensen Here’s the deal: earn a certificate or associate degree in Victoria College’s Emergency Medical Services Program, and then land a job in public service helping others. Emergency medical technicians are trained to care for