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Look Closer at Victoria College

How much do you know about your community college? Whether it’s quick job training or choosing a career, Victoria College is the Crossroads region’s go-to place for training and education in both credit and noncredit courses. Do

Transfer Student Credits VC with Helping Him Transition into University Life

For high school English teacher Jonathan Sixtos, the community college experience is “something you put on and take with you.” “I saved big at Victoria College before transferring to Texas State University to earn my Bachelor of

Victoria College Faculty Members Encourage, Challenge Students to Succeed

Many people remember their favorite teacher or an instructor who inspired them. Victoria College graduate Jonathan Sixtos lauds Professor Emeritus Harry Wagner with making rigorous classwork interesting. “My favorite part of the class was that he could

Is a Career in Public Service Right for You?

If you possess a strong sense of duty, have a clear head in urgent situations, and like working with the public, you may be well suited for a career in public service. Victoria College offers several associate

Despite Long Hours, Director of Public Service Academies Loves His Work

by Eric Jensen Kelly Phelps can thank the Navy for putting him on a career path that led to his current position as Director of Public Service Academies at Victoria College, where he oversees the Fire Academy

Fire Academy Student Wants to Help Save Lives

by Eric Jensen Lucy Avila came to evening class dressed to learn. She wore a heavy coat and padded pants equipped with reflector strips, gloves, an air mask with air tanks strapped to her back, and a

Firefighting Program Prepares Students to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

by Eric Jensen How many schools can boast of a 99 percent graduation rate? Kelly Phelps, Director of Victoria College’s Public Service Academies, said VC’s Fire Academy can. “The level of training we offer is outstanding,” Phelps

EMS Program can lead to rewarding career, good-paying jobs

by Eric Jensen Here’s the deal: earn a certificate or associate degree in Victoria College’s Emergency Medical Services Program, and then land a job in public service helping others. Emergency medical technicians are trained to care for