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Letter from the President

EMERGING TECHNOLOGY COMPLEX From Dream to Reality It has been a rewarding experience to serve as president of Victoria College for the last seven years. During this time, I’ve been honored to work alongside some great individuals

Look Closer at Victoria College

How much do you know about your community college? Whether it’s quick job training or choosing a career, Victoria College is the Crossroads region’s go-to place for training and education in both credit and noncredit courses. Do

Fact & Finds

Want a Job? Get a Community College Degree The U.S. Department of Labor reported that in 2012 more jobs were created for workers with two-year degrees than for workers with bachelor’s degrees. Anthony Carnevale of the Georgetown

Message from the President

Victoria College is committed to giving students a quality education and the opportunity to go far as they pursue their educational and career goals. VC is both the compass to point you in the right direction and

Message from the President

We usually see them on the worst day of our lives: firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians. These are the people who keep us safe and save our lives. Here at Victoria College, the Public

Facts & Finds

How to dish it out – and take it No one likes receiving criticism, and most of us aren’t very good at delivering it either. But criticism has a valuable role to play in the workplace, so

About Victoria College

Victoria College has been a respected community partner in the Crossroads region since 1925 and continues to offer quality, affordable educational opportunities to help students achieve their dreams. VC is your hometown college. Whether you are beginning